Over the past 20 years, our companies have become a respected provider of environmentally sound and effective products. Providing environmentally friendly alternatives to commonly used hazardous chemicals in the home and in agricultural applications derives our success. We have earned a reputation among farmers, landowners, poultry producers, and industry partners for integrity, efficiency and competence.


Petro Agri Resources is committed to being a leader among Agricultural support companies by providing safer alternatives to chemical pesticides, chemical insecticides and chemical fertilizers. We are also committed to continuous research and development of additional safe and effective products to grow our clients and partners profitability. We strive to create value for our customers and partners through the effective, safe, and environmentally responsible development of all our product lines.


Petro Agri Resources forges long-term partnerships with landowners, operators, suppliers, and regulatory authorities based on our unwavering commitment to ethical business conduct, safe operations, and responsible environmental stewardship.