PESTO Grain Storage Insecticide

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Pesto Grain Storage Insecticide has been successfully used as a stored grain insecticide for many years across the United States and Australia. It has always been used as an additive to the grain body as well as a pre-bin spray prior to loading the storage vessel. We recognize that insects are present when grain is harvested; we also recognize that infestation can happen after the grain has been stored. Insects traveling from outside the storage vessels can and do gain access to stored grain.

To guard against infestation from residual insects on or around your storage site, Pesto GSI can easily be "painted" onto almost any surface to create a barrier to crawling insects around your grain. This is applied in solution form by simply mixing Pesto GSI with water and applying it with a back pack or hand held garden sprayer. Mix 1.5 pounds of Pesto GSI per gallon of water. Apply 1.5 gallons of finished spray per 1,000 sq. ft. of exterior surface.